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Process Improvement

Your unique processes are how the work in your organization gets done.  It’s critical your processes support your customer demands at the lowest cost to your organization. 

With OfficeWorks Consulting’s Process Improvement service you will have a higher probability to increase profits.   

We will map your critical processes, measure how they perform, analyze them for improvement related to cycle time, quality of output, and cost, and help you make meaningful improvements that will make you more competitive in the marketplace.  The end result…increase profits!  

Some process improvement initiatives may require Project Management oversight. We are more than happy to help you with this.  You may also need assistance Training your team on the improved process.  We can help support you with content creation and virtual or on-site training.  

The majority of our clients start with a Value Stream Mapping exercise to give them insight into specific processes improvement initiatives that will yield the greatest return.  We would be happy to help you with this.

Typical Process Improvement Initiatives

product development

Product Development

As your business grows, product lines expand and “unforeseen market changes” demand you to adapt, so too will your product development process demand optimization.  

 We can help you improve your product development process so you can seamlessly introduce new products to your customers quickly.


A product cannot be used without being sold.  90% of the highest-performing companies use a formal guided sales process which encompasses qualifying a lead, creating a compelling value proposition, presenting, and closing a deal.

We can help you improve your sales process so you can close more deals quicker than your competition with favorable terms and gain market share.



Okay, so you sold the product.  How do you fulfill the order at the quality and speed that exceeds your customer’s expectation?  If you don’t master this, then you should expect to lose your customers to your competition.

We can help you improve your fulfillment process so you can wow your customers, retain them for future orders, and build a referral business.


Procurement is a lot more than just purchasing.  It involves selecting vendors, establishing payment terms, negotiating, and purchasing supplies.  These are essential components referred to as the Procure-To-Pay Cycle.  

 We can help you improve your procurement process so you can purchase supplies, inventory, and services quicker and cheaper.

customer support


Resolving issues experienced by your customers does not need to be complicated, just effective.  A well oiled customer support process can make or break your customer’s decision to continue doing business with you. 

 We can help you improve your customer support process so you can retain the clients you worked so hard to acquire.  


Identifying top talent and wooing them to work for you organization is a competitive advantage your company will recognize quickly.  In this market you must be quick from sourcing to offer, or you will lose!

We can help you improve your talent acquisition process so you can attract top talent to your organization before your competitors.

talent acquisition
employee onboarding


69% of employees are more likely to stay with a company for three years if they had a successful onboarding experience.  A poorly designed onboarding process can cost your organization dearly.

We can help you improve your employee onboarding process so you can retain your top talent.


Payroll, benefits administration, performance reviews, employee development, and other critical HR processes are expected to perform seamlessly.  When they don’t, your employees will notice.

We can help you improve your HR processes to reduce the cost of unnecessary turnover that can cripple any organization.

human resources
accounting and financial analysis reporting


Effective internal controls, quick month-end close, and relevant financial reporting is critical for your organization to not only rely on the accuracy of the financials, but also make sound business decisions from the data.

We can help you improve your accounting and financial analysis/reporting process so you can make quicker and more informed business decisions.


Majority of businesses rely on technology to empower employees with the tools to do their work.  How quickly and accurately the tools can be deployed will differentiate you from your competition.  

We can help you improve your IT processes so you can get the right tools quickly in your employee’s hands so they can service your customers.

information technology